We make life safe, stylish, & affordable
We make life safe, stylish, & affordable
  • Dun Bulletproof Backpacks

    We make life safe, stylish & affordable

    Protection With Style


    Dun is an innovative backpack for daily use that also takes the form of a bullet-proof vest for emergency situations.

    The patent is pending.


    Dun backpacks can be converted to a bullet-proof vest within 15 seconds.


    The actual backpack is manufactured from high-quality nylon, with the bullet-proof fabric originating from aramid fiber.


    Our backpacks are available in all colors, and in regular or custom sizes. Oversized requests require a special order. A regular backpack weighs 7.5 pounds.


    Our bullet-proof performance standard is equal to NIJ Level IIIA.


    The backpack's bullet-proof fabric is guaranteed to protect you for 5 years after your purchase. 


    The Inside Look

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    The Shooting Test

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